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Legendary Lore mod update

OhManTFEOhManTFE Registered Users Posts: 30
What it does

The Legendary Lore mod rewards players with text events when they complete certain actions.

For example:
  • Killing Grom with Eltharion will trigger an event which shows his death at the hands of the Warden in Athel Tamarha's prison.
  • Capturing and levelling up Karaz-a-Karak as the Elves will trigger an event showing the Elven occupation of the Dwarf capital and the re-acquisition of the Phoenix Crown, which was taken by the Dwarfs during the War of the Beard.
  • Taking Grom to Middenheim, Nuln, Tor Yvresse and more will trigger events taken directly from the army book detailing Grom's previous journeys there.
  • Recruiting units, agents and Regiments of Renown will trigger events either taken from the army book or created for the mod, such as the Omen of Asuryan, Oglok the 'Orrible, and more.
  • Building landmarks and certain settlements will trigger lore events. Learn what happens when you build the Great Halls of Nagashizzar as Azhag or when he captures and levels up the Black Pyramid.
The latest patch for this mod adds the magnifying tool functionality to lore events - which takes your camera to the location the lore triggered from. It also fleshes out Imrik's campaign by giving him unique text events which trigger when defeating and recruiting each of the five legendary dragons. The mod has also been renamed from Legendary Lord Lore to Legendary Lore, since its scope has grown a lot since its original inception!

To see everything else that was added in this latest patch, click here.



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