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Norsca Cannot damage walls - Should have hero with said ability

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edited August 2022 in Warhammer Campaign Feedback
Currently as a faction Norsca cannot damage walls outside of picking 1 specific chaos god and worhiping to 100 favor. This makes seiges more difficult, less enjoyable and more monotonous in a faction that conducts a significant number of them to win the campaign.

They should not necessarily be good at seiges but having no ability at all to get into a settlement is quite extreme. This significantly hinders their ability to seige especially when settlements have only 1 gate.

Currently the Fenrir balefiend has the skill 'damage buildings'. This ability is an outdated skill, not particulalry useful vs the ai and not particly helpful overall. Its just economic damage, mabye you can cancel some recruitment if you time it very well, but vs ai's with varying levels of economic bonuses it is not a consistent return of investment or an engaging strategic skill.

Teplacing "Damage buildings' with destroy wall's would significantly improve the Balefiends ability on the campaign and help to justify it's status as a t4 hero. It would make sieges as norsca more fun and less monotonous.

Please share your thoughts on why this would or would not be a productive change.
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