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Waaghhh mechanic problems

DarkLordDDarkLordD Registered Users Posts: 2,579
When you select a waagh to start, you need to choose a city for the trophy.

Sadly, once the target has been selected it could appear the city target SUDDENLY changes to another city that you never chose and makes the waagghhh objective often fail as a result.

C.A. .. really ? after all these patches we still haven't had ANY chance to play our DLC unbothered by anything , like NO bugs to play a real experience in this DLC. Got so many problems in my Grom campagin that I am afraid I am unable to even finish it. Turn 300 and still not able to finish. Somehow the last hag quest for the last slot just doesn't want to work. No matter which recipe I make. Made ALL of them already of the ones possible for 3 slots.

this is rebellious. You better make game 3 up to standerd otherwise I am afraid for the future of your company. The game is falling apart because of all the patches you put on the wound to stop the bleeding. Instead you should find the source of the bleeding and fix that maybe ?

I wish you well on your IMMENSE job ahead of you. I kinda expect that for spending like what ? 600 euro or so on WH1 and 2 + all DLC ? Can't really love the idea after spending so much the game suddenly falls apart because you guys can't handle your project or are not willing to listen just to name 2 things.
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  • steam_164191850448yoMgfCpsteam_164191850448yoMgfCp Registered Users Posts: 3,157
    agreed I have spent a lot of money on this and if it goes on like this it just is not worth it

    I am not paying to deal with bugs I am paying for a smooth experience

    sure sometimes bugs happen and that is unfortunate but that just happens but if you leave the unfixed for months like the vampcoast cove bug or break more then you fix like this beta patch for example, that is not the experience I pay for

    CA fix this if do do not then you will end up losing me as a customer

    last but not least if you ignore this then someday competition will pop up and wreck you if they provide better support then you do

    see intel VS AMD intel thought they could get away with overcharging for their CPU's and they could untill AMD wrecked them

    the same can happen to you if competition comes because since you have a monopoly on this kind of game you think you can get away with bad customer support

    that is fine you "can" until the competition comes and then you will regret it

    I hope you take this advice to heart


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  • NirgaloNirgalo Registered Users Posts: 78
    edited June 2020
    When choosing WAAAGH you do not choose a city! You choose a fraction, or rather, its capital. Power icons on the cities are made for more information, so that it is easier for the player to understand the strength of the faction, and not climb again in the diplomacy menu. The description of WAAAGH directly states that the goal is the capital of the chosen fraction, and not a specific city.
    PS: WAAAGH would not make sense if the player chose the specific desired city. You would choose the nearest strongest faction a turn before the attack, and you would immediately receive a reward.

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