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Earth Blood spell not working at all in campaign

SteelWyrmSteelWyrm Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 5
Has anyone come across this as I cannot find any discussions on it.

Just started playing a Teclis HE campaign and I have 2 points in my starting hero's Earth Blood (healing/regen) spell but when I cast it on a unit injured in the current battle they don't heal a single health point. I tried moving them out away from other units to make sure i wasn't healing others instead and it still does nothing.

Has anyone experience this or know why it may happen?


  • SunlightStylusSunlightStylus Registered Users Posts: 18
    I haven't tried the loremaster, but Alarielle's earthblood works. Are you sure they aren't back to the level they were at before the battle (it can't resurrect models, just top off the models still alive. So for example if a unit is at 60/120 models they will only heal to 50% hp). Alternatively they could be at the healing cap.
  • mrchoppy123#9271mrchoppy123#9271 Registered Users Posts: 15
    Healing spells will often not heal because models have died and i have yet to figure out how you can tell whats going to happen with a spell as the unit tooltip says they still have healing points available.
  • SteelWyrmSteelWyrm Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5
    Thanks for the replies fellas. I managed to work out what was happening.

    The units that I wasn't able to heal had taken direct damage from a unit of great cannons and due to the fact the cannons have no splash damage it had outright killed a whole bunch of models but left all the others at full health.

    So because Earth Blood only heals injured models but doesn't resurrect dead ones it wasn't doing anything because the unit was at max health (minus the dead guys). But yeah it's difficult to tell when that's the case without wasting a spell.

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