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Tired of siegeing every minor settlement!

lucky_dutchlucky_dutch Registered Users Posts: 202
edited June 24 in Community Mods
Are there any mods that can help to address this?

The mods that just straight-up remove walls make the game too easy as minor settlements are completely defenseless, their garrisons are puny.

What would be best is a mod that removed walls from the minor settlement garrison building but also gave them bigger default garrisons.

I don't want to change the garrisons of major settlements, though. They're already a complete chore to siege.


  • BastileanBastilean Registered Users Posts: 440
    Bring a bigger army with good replenishment and auto resolve them.
  • PaulicusPaulicus Registered Users Posts: 133
    There used to be a mod in WH1 that made maps for minor settlements without walls that had some buildings the defender could use. If it's still around maybe you could combine it with the no walls for minor settlements mod?

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