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Now that BOBB is in the game, can he please take over garrisons?

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It's in the title, really. Greenskins have some of the worst garrisons in the entire game and one of the reasons this is the case is because their "Garrison Commander" hero archetype is the Goblin Big Boss who with his base stats alone and without any abilities is easily one of, if not the worst melee hero in the entire game (low health, poor leadership, little armour, bad damage output, low splash radius, mediocre stats).

Considering that garrisons are usually staffed with captains rather than assassins and the newly-added BOBB is in fact a captain type hero (who is also much more suitable for the job, I mean I have seen Goblin Big Bosses in Garrisons get beaten up by enemy Archers in melee and I'm not even talking about really tough ones) and also doesn't require you to buy any DLC, I think just having him replace the Gobbo in Greenskin garrison buildings (with the exception maybe being Skarsniks) would make a lot of sense and would make fighting defensive settlement battles just a tiny bit more enjoyable than it is right now.
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