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Dwarf lord - items

PocmanPocman Registered Users Posts: 2,709
The dwarf lord pays a shitton of money for very underwhelming items.

- Iron Guardian Hammer: a perfect vigour item that only works on himself and that deactivates once he is below 50% LD. 165 gold. A 18% price increase.

As a comparision, Nakai pays a legendary price for a non situational buff that is also an aura. And that is on an expensive monster that actually benefits from perfect vigour. In terms of price, he pays 250, but compared to Nakai's base price, that is only a 14% increase. Seeing how perfect vigour is a trait that gets more powerful on powerful units, he is actually paying less for it.

- Star plaque (o whatever its called in english). Legendary price (aprox 250) for a -9MA aura (40 meters) that deactivates if he is below 50% leadership. **** as hell.

For comparision, TKs pay 165 for a +5 MA and + 5 MD aura that is not situational (but with only a 30 meter range ) and BLOBB pays 165 for a +9 MA aura (40 meter range in this case) that again, is not situational. Thorgrim pays the same for a 55 meters +9 MA aura that again, is constant.

I mean, it could be buffed twice (price go down to 165 and the leadership condition be taken out) and it would still be equivalent to the BloBB's item.


  • ystyst Registered Users Posts: 7,182
    Safe to say the ENTIRE dwf characters need item rework.
    So far none of them r great, like no joke, not.a.single.one.of.them
    Thanes a joke, engineer, runepriest even, legendaries, all crappy af. Runepriest nothing but a slowbot, and really thats that, 9/10 matches is with a runelord with single slow rune.

    Dwf lord items has gotta be on guiness world record of change, starts from aura in 2016. Becomes ring of thori by 2017, then changed to this aura bot in 2018, there after witht his stupid vigour armor till now. Use to have multiple items, changes after changes after changes, 0 consistency or even a clear direction what hes suppose to be.

    SAme with thane, eng, item changes over and over and over and over again.

    Till the find the WORST POSSIBLE item and they stick with it, yayyy so happy with charge and flame items, brilliant
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  • AWizard_LizardAWizard_Lizard Registered Users Posts: 1,233
    Dwarf lords and heroes are some serious nudists. If only I had a dollar every time Turin says: ''So here we have (e.g.) dwarf lord, completely stripped....''
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  • another505another505 Registered Users Posts: 1,847
    Most generic lords have terrible items and abilities sadly
  • BastileanBastilean Registered Users Posts: 440
    But most generic lords have decent mount choices at least.

    Dwarf itemization should be 'da best.' They are the boys with the runes and the smithies.
  • Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 24,668
    It's the clash of two design philosophies. In WH1 and early WH2, CA designed a lot of mechanics with downsides, making their usage more conditional and tricky (another good example, Skaven food), but then at some point decided to simplify and streamline everything and Dwarfs have not caught up with that change yet.

  • mightygloinmightygloin Registered Users Posts: 2,570
    This is a good summary of the situation between WH1 and WH2. But ironically even Dwarf Lord has better items than most dwarf LL's.

  • sonofabhorashsonofabhorash Registered Users Posts: 194
    A golem mount would spice things up and items overhaul as well
    Srsly playing with dorfs or against them became pretty mundane
    They need to get new tools so they will be able to use other playstyle
    I do rush with them and its pretty nice surprise for the opponent
    However they lack mobility so its kinda akward😑
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