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TW Rome II - Possible Battle Mechanic Ideas

Metolius08Metolius08 Registered Users Posts: 3

I have an interesting mechanical idea that could be possibly implemented in future Rome-based TW titles, and I would love to hear your thoughts!

Historically, pila were used by Roman infantry to, if not kill an opposing soldier, render their shield unusable. The long shaft of the weapon would bury itself into the wood of the shield and, with the added weight, pull the shield to the ground. The tapered design of the pila prevented the soldier from easily removing the weapon. Thus, the shield was often discarded.

A similar pilum mechanic as described above would add much more strategical depth to how pila could be used in a TW game such as Rome III (if it were to be made). For example, the player could decide to use the pila on a relatively light unit without shields, or the player could focus their pila fire on a heavily shielded unit. While the chance of the pila killing a soldier behind the shield would be greatly reduced, they would be much more vulnerable after having to drop their shields.

Thoughts or suggestions? Thank you for taking the time to read!
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