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Napoleonic Era Roleplaying Event

ThedossbossThedossboss Registered Users Posts: 147
Hello ladies and gentlemen,
I come forward to talk about an ambitious table top role play initiative that has been started by a member of the Total War community
The premise is: The Napoleonic Wars.
Software used where all the moves, battles, major map decisions will take place : Table Top Simulator.
What else should I mention in my own message? Maybe the fact that the lad got me hooked with his description about the initiative so much that I decided to join in as Great Britain. Aye, I'll drink my carefully brewed tea while everyone else will battle for their piece of Europe.
So far, the rules allow for a maximum of 3 persons to be in the same faction, and among the small nations that have been introduced are Sweden, Denmark and another one that's a surprise. Rules still need to be freshed out, but the effort looks good.
Alright, enough from me, this is a message from the lad:

"Hello there! Would you be interested in joining a Napoleonic Wars Roleplay? We are currently working on creating one that will cover the expanse of the Napoleonic wars. Play with up to three players per faction and choose between major and minor nations of the time. The role play will follow a similar format to how a Total War game is played with both a campaign map and strategic battles on 3d battlefields where you control and maneuver your armies. The role play will be played out on Tabletop Simulator with simple rules similar to those found in warhammer tabletop games, and has already gained a committed albeit small starting player base! Drop by if your interested, check out some of the channels and ask some questions! Our first demo video is taking place this week showing how our battles will work and how to understand and apply the rules. We are planning to begin the RP within a few weeks tops so check it out!"

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