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Mod Search: Generals take longer until I can revive them

TheW00tHammerTheW00tHammer Registered Users Posts: 9

Is there a mod to stop generals to be revived after 4 rounds or so? Lets say we make it 10, so a killed enemy general doesnt get revived so quickly by the AI (and urself).


  • mightygloin#2446mightygloin#2446 Registered Users Posts: 6,275
    Been looking for a similar thing but couldn't find any. It just gets super boring to farm the same LL every few turns. Just stay dead for a while dude.
  • WolfyLPDCWolfyLPDC Registered Users Posts: 79
    edited June 2020
    Good idea. I'll check if I can easily create something that solves that problem.

    EDIT: I checked the tables and had not found anything modificable related to wound or recovery turns. It is possibly hardcoded, which would explain why there aren't mods than change something that basic.
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  • PaulicusPaulicus Registered Users Posts: 154
    I wouldn't expect it to be too difficult to mod, though I don't have any experience modding TW. SFO increases respawn timers, though it does a lot else too :p

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