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User Info RequiredCrashing when selecting target in 'Shadowy Dealings'

ThrystbladeThrystblade Registered Users Posts: 1
edited July 2 in Crashes
Exactly as it says on the tin. I go into 'shadowy dealings' as Clan Eshin in a multiplayer match. I click on a target, the game hangs until it forces a CTD.

This happens 100% of the time when my friend is hosting, and about 15-30% of the time when I'm hosting, forcing a complete game restart each time it happens.
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  • CHARLOTTEB_CACHARLOTTEB_CA Administrator Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 3,117
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  • edacusedacus Registered Users Posts: 1
    Getting the same crash, in single player and coop. Its just a shame. You cant even use his WHOLE GIMMICK and I need to risk a crash every time I use them. So many bugs its sad.
  • ICEBLASTSICEBLASTS Registered Users Posts: 1
    I also suffer this bug it hard crashes most of the time when you try to select a target for shadow dealings. It happens in every instance of the game mortal, vortex or multiplayer campaign.

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