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Please make Online Campaign Multiplayer feasible

xExerionxxExerionx Registered Users Posts: 50
I am trying to play with my friends online multiplayer but the fact that we all have to be present at all times is daunting.
What i mean by that is that its difficult to arrange for all of us to be present and especially in a game like TW in which turns can take for ever. Of course we start together but so far we never could finish any campaign because we have to dedicate multiple weekends to do so....

Why dont we have some sort of permanent active multiplayer session which you can join and leave at will but that doesnt end the whole game with one player leaving?

What would be cool and what I am talking about is a way to create a multiplayer campaign that allows a state in which the game is consistently active even if someone leaves.
That would enable us during the week when everyone is busy to still progress the game. Simply everyone can join at any time to do their turn and then log off for someone elses turn to continue...
Have an app notifaction via phone if someone finishes his turn and its yours.

Of course for battles involving afk players they need to log in and until they do so the game cant continue.

This is at least what my friends and I hope for so even though we have life we can come together and play without dedicating a multiple weekends away from our loved ones to play a campaign together...

Similar to online chess where one can make their turn and go about their life untile the oponent finishes their turn.


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