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Siege Map/City Art - concept art and more?

Knollnase36Knollnase36 Registered Users Posts: 1

I love and play ToB a lot. It is an amazing game especially with the many mods that are available.

Now I am playing a roleplaying game with my friends and am always on the lookout for castle and city maps and since the ToB sieges are imho the best sieges and city maps in Total War history and paint a very good picture of early medieval britain I wanted to ask:
Do you (both developers and community) have maps/drawings/art from the city/siege maps or even the villages or more general environments? If you are going all out and even have concept art of clothing/weapons and armor it would make my week.
It would help me and my players visualize the time and place even better. Obviously I would not use them for any commercial reasons or share them without permission since it is just a private game.

Thank you for answering and your amazing series of games,
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