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Improving battle AI

Disjointed999Disjointed999 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi all,

No specific complaints, I was just thinking about how to improve TWWII (and total war in general) battle AI.
At the moment, as far as I understand, the AI is the same regardless of difficulty, and instead the (so-called)AI relies on buffs to remain competitive against the player, spamming armies etc. and players often have to resort to 'cheese' tactics to win.

Building an AI for real time battles, with dozens of different factions and spanning 5 difficulty levels is not an easy task.
In my opinion, no amount of IF statements will ever completely fix the situation. Players will always find ways to outsmart the preprogrammed logic (it's not a real AI).

What to do?

What I would like to see is something similar to what happened in Starcraft II (and DOTA2), who gave researchers and modders access to the game AI. Very serious research came out of this, and now the AI is capable of beating humans at Grandmaster level. https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/30/20939147/deepmind-google-alphastar-starcraft-2-research-grandmaster-level

The input for such AI should be the same as for the player, ie only what's visible on screen at every moment, and mouse clicks should also be restricted to align it with standard human movement. It wouldn't be easy to develop, but opening the development to the broader AI research community would make Total war the next benchmark for AI (after chess, go and Starcraft), and would be good for players as well.

I envision a future when Total War AI will have to be nerfed, not buffed, to remain playable :D


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