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SolvedSoft-Lock on Vortex Campaign Eltharion. (Solved)

SKYB0RNSKYB0RN Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2
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This is the second soft lock for a new DLC character I've had. Unfortunately the one for Malus was so long ago that I don't know if I have the relevant files any more. That on was on Vortex as well.

Anyways the soft-lock for Eltharion occurred at Turn 20. At Turn 19 all is fine and I can play the game without issue. Computer's turn goes by fine with nothing of note. Once I cycle to turn twenty I get soft locked. I can't click on any buildings or armies without crashing.
I noticed that a pop-up box appeared in my tech tree. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2154283320
It seems like a help index of some sort? It's the only difference between Turn 19 and 20 I could find, so it makes me think it could be a part of the reason for this crash. It's textures are missing until I click on it.

I use a lot of mods, so I hope that CA doesn't have too much trouble because of that.
(I use a research speed mod which is why I have so many techs unlocked at turn 20.)
I have attached a Zip File containing minidump, campaign save, logs, etc.
Game build: v1.9.1 Build 15282.1987501 (modded)
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  • SKYB0RNSKYB0RN Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    Well. seems it was a mods fault for the soft-lock. Unsurprisingly.
    It was the custom lords mod. It had put a corrupted trait on one of my lords which was causing the crash.
    It was fixed by purging the custom lords of all traits.

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