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Rogue armie - Morathi Campaign

SubtlewillSubtlewill Registered Users Posts: 1
SO, a rogue "Empire" army shows up turn 30 or so, takes a settlement - instant tier 3 walls... OK fine. Then by turn 36 has a full army of spearmen/ swordsmen with shields, crossbow men, empire knights, 1 great cannon and outriders with grenades.
Can someone look at these types of armies and remove the "major faction" buffs/mechanics from them as they are meant to be a "MINOR" faction.
(only a camera mod on)


  • andrewbh2003andrewbh2003 Registered Users Posts: 115
    thats just RNG

    rogue armies "unless its vashnar or pyrotechnics with 19 steam tanks" are a nuisance at most

    problem is if a rogue army spawns in your territory in the first 20 or so turns then they can be more annoying

    but thats not really a balance issue as any nerf to rogue armies would make them even weaker than they already are on the campaign side of things
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