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Uniter of Japan Achievment

PhilipTheHunPhilipTheHun Registered Users Posts: 1
edited July 7 in Total War: SHOGUN 2

I was playing Shougun 2's avart campaign/conquest and I've noticed an achievment called "Uniter of Japan", titled: "Capture all provinces on the avatar campaign map."

My question is, do I have to play the Fall of the Samurai avatar camaign and capture every single province there or is it enough in the normal?

I'm asking this because the normal avatar campaign has less provinces. Some are blacked out and can only be captured in Fall of the Samurai("s avatar campaign). The achievment itself looks like a normal achievment unlike the golden circle FOTS ones, so it would logical to work on the base game's avatar map.

(Sorry, this is my first post, I'm pretty tired and my pc is in Hungarian so almost every word is "incorrect")

Thank you for your answer, have a nice day!


  • ShowgunzillaShowgunzilla Registered Users Posts: 66
    I personally think you don't need to because that achievement for "original shogun 2" player just require the
    normal japan map is ok.
    I suggest you those extra provinces, you take it last then you will know if you need it.
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