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Crash on loading

KVODKVOD Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi all,

I need your help !

I've been playing TWW2 for a while now, got about 500 hours of game before the last DLC released, the Warden and the Paunch, which included its fair share of problems ingame. Following those, I installed the Da nutz' Beta, as well as a couple of mods (starting to get really invested in the game here). From then, I've had nothing but issues with the game, and I can't roll back to where I was before. About 90% of the time, I can't load my campaigns, the game crashes at 50 or 75% of the loading; if it loads, it often crashes after a couple of turns, during any loading screen. I've tried several things to revert the situation and I'm starting to get desperate. I hope y'all can help me !

Build: Game version 1.9.0. / version 3.23.0 launcher (not sure which one you're looking for here)

Detailed description:
Game crashes on loading screen, often at 50, 75 or 90%. The loading is way longer than previously, stops at some point, and the game crashes back to desktop, with no error message whatsoever.

Reproduction Steps:
- Launch the game
- Load/start a campaign
- Game loads until 50/75/90%
- Crash back to desktop

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
- Uninstall/reinstall the game
- Uninstall/reinstall Steam
- Compatibility - Run steam/TWW2 as admin
- Disable cloud syncro
- Delete preference script
- Remove mods, remove beta, reinstall mods/reinstall beta
- Add preference script file as mentionned in the "read this before posting" thread

Any help would be appreciated. I can't play the game anymore. I've not attached my modified log because it's empty (?); as mentionned above, I've deleted and copied back the preference script, which I've included here as well. I've also included the save file of the last campaign I was able to play, which crashed in game (after trying to load the campaign about 5 times)

Cheers !


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