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Crash during enemy turn - 100 % recurrent

xoomikxoomik Registered Users Posts: 1
My game crashes on round number 111. No matter what I do that round its always there, waiting for me. Game is not moded. I have tried number of fixes (all of them imo :persevere: ) I found on this forums/reddit/internet, nothing worked.

Here are my crash details:
Build: v. 1.9.1 build 15282.1987501

Detailed description:
When I end round game crashes or freezes on AI turn (Clan Angrund - always those pesky fellows). No mods are installed.
Reproduction Steps:
- Press End Round

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
- changing gfx to low
- changing game versions, beta included,
- using one monitor,
- using fullscreen/windowed mode,
- dx 11 and dx 12 (no diffrence),
- installing community fix mod (didnt help, deleted it),
- turning windows firewall off,
- deleting windows firewall rules for TW:W2,
- updating gfx drivers,
- updating w10,
- changing game versions via steam,

Requested files are attached to this post.

Please send help! Thanks in advance.

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