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Crash causing monitors to lose input during deployment phase

TaiLzxTaiLzx Registered Users Posts: 2

I've been playing TW:WH2 for about a few weeks now. I probably have over 150 hours in it. I have a XFX R9 280X (in game settings in img link below). This issue happened for the first time a couple days, but it seems to be pretty repeatable. When I zoom in to the max and move to a certain part of the terrain on the battle map, it'll crash . And not like a normal game crash, it looks like it is crashing my GPU since my monitors turn off and say there is no input. My audio comes from the monitor, so that dies along with the inputs to the monitor. The computer looked like it was still running and the fans were spinning. I waited probably 30 seconds to a minute before i had to hold down the power button to turn it off. According to the Radeon software, the temperature of the GPU was 84C right before it died. I've updated my Radeon software to 20.4.2, turned off shadows, and turned water detail to low, but it still happened. Below is a video of it happening (it was during the deployment phase) and an image of my in game settings. I've turned off my mods (still installed) but this still happens. I have tried playing a different game without issue even with the card temperature going beyond 84C. I feel it's related to this game since it is so repeatable if I zoom in to a specific part of the terrain on the battle map. I've actually been able to play out the whole battle without it crashing on me if I don't zoom in too much. It seems to do it for me if I zoom in around those hills where i was trying to position my warplock jezzails. Is there crash logs or dump files I can retrieve to help debug this?




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