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spot_fx question for advanced Rome: Total War modders/developers

DagovaxDagovax Registered Users Posts: 4

Hi all, I posted a question in the support, but they referred here to this place. So, I am having the following issue:

It's a little bit weird contacting you about information about Rome 1 modding, but I really need help as no article exists, nor information can be found about this specific modding info.

Let me be clear: if you from contact don't know the answer, then maybe you know someone from the old devs of Rome 1 who might know the answer.



How are the spot_fx models working consisting of certain item animations like smoke, banners, and burning oil in 3ds max? And how to export them Watch the pictures to see the model. I have this model and whenever I try to export it (or exporting vanilla one), the banners with the animations turn out to be huge.

1. Do I need to color the vertexes black? Or some of them only?
2. I need to give it a texture to export it, but it is still turning out huge
3. Are there any other things that we need to keep in mind
4. Is there some kind of tutorials created by the devs?

I hope I provided enough information and I expect and hope that someone (old devs) might know the solution for this specific issue.

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