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The Plagueclaw Should Really Be In the Pestilens Building Chain



  • GloatingSwine#8098GloatingSwine#8098 Registered Users Posts: 2,585

    In campaign, no. You are wasting time if you for Plague Priests in campaign.

    No, you are wasting time if you recruit any infantry other than Plague Priests. Plague Priests are literally the best line holders in the entire game because every one can spawn 8 units per battle which cost no upkeep and need no replenishment between battles.
    And if you go for full blown buffstacked gunlines, you don't ever need replenishment because you melt enemy armies in seconds without them being able to actually lay a hand on you. Half that time if play as Ikit and stack even more buffs on top.

    Plague Priest summons still require you to let the enemy get near, which is an unnecessary risk.
    Which you can only do when you've already won the campaign because you only get 1 engineer per tier 5 settlement, whereas you get one plague priest per plague priest because Bell Polisher followers turn up like wasps around picnics.

    And it doesn't even work as well any more because engineer range buffs don't stack any more.

    So yes, if you're going to consistently win with few to no casualties with a Skaven gunstack, you put four plague priests in it to throw speed bumps in the way of units whilst you shoot them. And you can do it in many many more places at once because you can get way more plague priests, even without building a building for them more than once.
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