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Ideas to make TW games BETTER

ketter89ketter89 Registered Users Posts: 1

This isn't a feed for people to blast the Devs or the games. We are all here because we play the HELL out of TW games. You shouldn't outright bash a team of people that make a product that we consistently spend hundreds of hours and dollars on. This is really just to share ideas on different features or fixes that would enhance the gameplay experience for the player base.

Just two quick ones from me.


The AI recruitment is honestly only challenging in the early games, after a while you get to the point where the comps you go up against in the campaign simply aren't challenging. Falling in line with this, the longer a campaign goes, the less factions there are. I just got to where the only major "powers" in my TWWH2 Mortal Engines campaign are the Empire and my faction (High Elves). The last 30 or so battles have pretty much been the same experience. I know it's a huge ask, but maybe work with the coding or ability for the AI to have more creative, varied, and unique armies. I have seen TW mods that made improvements so I'm sure it's possible.


This is honestly just to address a HUGE area of missed potential I have always personally been wanting. Faction Customization. This is something it seems CA continuously flirts with but never really dives into expanding on. Allowing a player to customize their experience, factions, and characters gives them a sense of ownership into the story they are carving out. For the nerds in us, there is always some form of RPG story taking place in our minds when we play these campaigns. Some things that I have seen during my current campaign on WH2 that I think could enhance the overall experience...

- Faction Customization: Allow players to change their faction colors, this may seem very minor but I think you'd be surprised at how many people would avoid factions entirely based off them not liking its aesthetics and color scheme (green and red for one of the HIgh Elf factions.... makes them look like raging watermelons)

- Custom Heroes/Generals: There is a mod right now for WH2 that allows players to make their own custom heroes that I absolutely love, it really just adds the ability to choose their appearance a bit and select some traits for them to start with (admittedly you can also make a VERY broken god-hero with this mod). Being able to make and alter the appearance of your army's figureheads actually gives a sense of ownership and pride to the character for players. This helps personalize the overall experience and even gives an opportunity for your General's appearance to change as time goes on, maybe they have visible scars or something along those lines.

- Finally (as if this already wasnt so long that no one from CA will read) Custom equipment. I believe this is an idea that first began taking root in the WH series and was even expanded slightly in 3 Kingdoms but as campaigns go on, being able to find new gear and equipment for Generals and Heroes is a great way to personalize them, now I would like to see the actual equipment on the character. Especially for something like the Warhammer series I think it would be awesome if all of the characters started out with lowly equipment and as time went on they would find better gear from battles or out adventuring.

All in all, love the games, as we all do. I hope this thread gets someone's attention and ends up being a good source for CA to actually collect feedback from its community and turn the Total War franchise into something that is made by both a group of gifted devs and the players that love the games.


  • KalistratKalistrat Junior Member Ukraine/DnipropetrovskRegistered Users Posts: 223
    As for me, it's more like making the Warhammer TW better. But at the same time, let's make the strategic aspects and TW games worse.

  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,408
    One of mine would be adding value to the DLCs. So often they bring nothing to the overall game (historical series at least). Too often we've got a new campaign and none of the elements move to the grand campaign. I'd like that to change and be a way and make them more worth while.
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 8,148
    Commisar said:

    One of mine would be adding value to the DLCs. So often they bring nothing to the overall game (historical series at least). Too often we've got a new campaign and none of the elements move to the grand campaign. I'd like that to change and be a way and make them more worth while.

    Yeah this is important t. I hope they appreciate the lessons of WHTW and the poor feedback for early 3K DLCs.
  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 9,293
    Animation, atmosphere, sounds...

    Look at the animation 7:15 - 7:30

    Hope to see those animation in total war. Not all soldiers who climbed walls should make it, some of them must die and fall.

    In total war, all scaling soldiers will make it on top of walls like there is no resistance.
  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,408
    Worth noting they don't always make it when scaling up walls, Shogun 2 they'd fall off the wall when trying to climb and others if you can get units to hit them they will fall off ladders. So I guess they have the code to trigger someone slipping on something like a rope although might look strange if he doesn't hit the men climbing behind him.
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