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Your LL wish for the next DLC!



  • RockNRolla92#9743RockNRolla92#9743 Registered Users Posts: 2,302
    Skaven vs Beastmen, Thrott vs Ghorros.

    My wish, for it not to be broken for 2 months
  • Maedrethnir#1968Maedrethnir#1968 Registered Users Posts: 19,433
    Throt with every possible Stormfiend variant vs. the Sisters of Twilight.
  • Timpeyo#7210Timpeyo#7210 Registered Users Posts: 2,111
    edited July 2020
    Throt for Skaven much like others

    Tullaris dreadbringer as a flc LL love his lore and could be a great leader as an avatar off khaine

    Empire I'd love Marius Leitdorf, such a fun character and could introduce halfling units.

    Grimm Burloksson he would fit well as an engineer with mechanical units with Makkassons inventions as large warmachines.

    Slugtongue for beastmen love this grotesque creature and jabberslyth would fit well with him but I'm open to any new BM lord.

    Gashnag I know his part off boarder princes but his a character I'd love to see

    Valkia the bloody for WoC would be amazing, just read her novel and syched to play as followers off Khorne, Festus is also a guy I'd love to see brought too life

    Sayl the Faithless for Norsca bringing a Spellcaster with his own pet or Lord Mortkin

    Sisters of Twilight for WEs but I think there more likely come as flc

    This would be quite a fun LP I think for last one if it isn't including game two LL tho

    BM v WoC Flc DE
    The Bloodbeast and The Gorequeen
    Taurox v Valkia with Tullaris as Flc
    A blood and gore theme LP around proving who deserves there god's favour the most.


    Dragon Ogres or Chaos trolls with a beasty retexture


    Chaos Lord/Follower of Khorne + steed juggernaut
    Skullcrushers of Khorne
    Possible RoR The Cult of Brass Sisters

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  • afverrall#1754afverrall#1754 Registered Users Posts: 1,534
    Skaven don't warrant a 3rd dlc it would just be gratuitous to favour skaven so heavily when multiple factions are in such need of content. You should get throt and an imirik quality flc package nothing more.

    Wood elves, beastmen, wariors of chaos, dwarfs and vampire counts are all far more deserving and all can be meaningfully included in the vortex map.
  • SerPus#7395SerPus#7395 Registered Users Posts: 11,787
    afverrall said:

    Skaven don't warrant a 3rd dlc it would just be gratuitous to favour skaven so heavily

    Their release roster was very barebone, so that's why they need so many DLCs now.
  • capybarasiesta89#4722capybarasiesta89#4722 Registered Users Posts: 5,515
    Right here is one from me, been saying it before

    Option nr 2 Dwarfs vs Skaven (Malakai Makaisson vs Throt)

    Obviously this is one core race from WH1 that needs DLC Dawi, including Thunderbarge, Engineering Guild perhaps like Skryre Workshop, Giant Rats, Pox Rat Mount, Brood Horror, Armored Rat Ogres.


    Vampire Counts (Ushoran or Zacharias the Everliving)

    This is my number 1 for FLC they added Marshes of Madness so it's perfect starting position his Faction would focus on Ghouls, Crypt Horrors, Varghulf, Terrrogheist and all the other monsters, not sure about his faction mechanics.

    I just want him to have this model,with batwings, it's AoS but it's amazing.

    Option nr 2 Wood Elves vs Beastmen (Ariel I guess vs Gorthor or Taurox)

    Damn I miss playing these two, I won't touch until they get proper rework at the moment not the best experience I have not touched them since WH1. And I want Beastmen to get more toys Ghorgon obviously, Jabber, Preyton (damn Wendigo with wings yes please).

  • Beast_of_Guanyin#8747Beast_of_Guanyin#8747 Registered Users Posts: 44,819
    Skaven vs Dwarfs.
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  • Bloodydagger#9716Bloodydagger#9716 Registered Users Posts: 5,186
    Throt vs Brass Bull

    Shadowblade FLC
  • steam_164507901761Md5AZp9steam_164507901761Md5AZp9 Registered Users Posts: 316
    edited July 2020
    FLC or DLC if the content is worthwhile I care not

    Skaven; Throt the Unclean with remaining Moulder units and Thanquol being an event Lord like Gotrek but for Skaven factions Game 3.

    Beastmen; Taurrox with Beastmen rework and new units. Any additional Lords or Heroes would be gravy Though I think the faction could support 6 seperate choices. Faction needs so much improvement I would not be shocked if it was not a DLC

    Dwarfs; Thorek Ironbrow with Runesmith/Runelord skill tree rework and craftable Runes with Josef Bugman and/or Grimm Burloksson as Legendary Heroes obtained via quests similar to Lord Kroak game 3

    Dark Elves; Rakarth as a FLC lord, Shadowblade, Tullaris, Kouran as Legendary Heroes game 3

    High Elves; Caradryan and Korhil as Legendary Heroes game 3

    Vampire Counts; see below, at most a Legendary hero or two like Krell being reworked would be welcomed.

    Vampire Bloodlines; The game 3 Vampire release Neferata, Zacharias, Vorag, Red Duke playable factions unable to confederate or be confederated by VC similar to Tomb Kings and Vampire Coast in Game 3 along with a Nagash event Lord tied to all the undead factions

    Empire; Boris Todbringer with Ulric units in Game 3 along with unlockable Kurt Helborg LL for Empire and Legendary Heroes like Ludwig and Luthor. Gold Wizards

    Wood Elves; Sisters of Twilight as a FLC Araloth as a unlockable LL or FLC for owners of Wood Elves race DLC along with mechanics rework, Drycha as a Legendary Hero

    Lizardmen; remaining named characters seem best represented as event or Legendary Heroes for game 3

    Bretonnia; map rework like what Empire received along with Athel Loren is only preference here.

    Greenskins; more Lord options more named characters as Legendary Heroes

    Tomb Kings; add remaining named characters as Legendary Heroes or unlockable LL's

    Vampire Coast; pretty content with the Vampirates a Legendary Hero released alongside other Legendary heroes for every facton would be welcome.

    Norsca; Surtha Ek and or Tamurkhan with the introduction of Kurgan.

    Warriors of Chaos; Too many to list, start with Valkia, Festus and Villitch as LL options other than Beastmen this is worst faction in game for its mechanics and core features. While I would like to see it fixed in game 2 at least as a preorder FLC for game 3 for those that have the DLC from game 1. Bonus if it introduces us to summonable Daemons of Chaos units.

    Game Three Factions;

    Kislev at least 2 LL

    Southern Realms((Dogs of War) at least 2 LL, more if they are introduced as mercenaries abroad)

    Chaos Dwarfs at least 2 LL

    Ogre Kingdoms at least 2 LL

    Daemons of Chaos at least 5 LL, one named greater daemon for each Chaos god and Be'lakor

    Vampire Bloodlines at least 4 separate from Vampire Counts.

    Cathay/Araby could be represented by a Dogs of War style of unit with unique limited units.

    Amazons/Halflings etc to me would best be represented as a campaign exclusive unit tied to a garrison or landmark

  • sasori1548#7252sasori1548#7252 Registered Users Posts: 580
    I think there are 3 lord pack options for the next dlc. In my opinion it will either be:

    1- Dwarfs vs Skaven: Thorek vs Throt with Tullaris Dreadbringer as a DE Flc lord that starts in The shrine of khaine

    2- Vampire Counts vs Skaven: a bloodline vampire (like necrarchs) vs Throt with DE FLC

    3- Dwarfs vs Vampire Counts: Thorek vs Neferata. in my opinion this is the most unlikely one because i really think neferata will be in warhammer 3 since she is a dlc seller

    You can swap thorek with malakai if you like but even though i prefer malakai as a crazy engineer im pretty sure thorek is more likely
  • lucky_dutch#7258lucky_dutch#7258 Registered Users Posts: 266
    Vampire Counts with a new-world start position and Vortex campaign.

    No contest.
  • starcreator1012starcreator1012 Registered Users Posts: 243
    I want on of three a VC faction lead by ushoran
    BM with my preferred choice being moonclaw
    and skaven with throt as im finding skaven surprisingly boring despite their large ass roster
  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,752
    I could go for a Boris Todbringer vs whatever Beastman. Although I'd likely hate both of their starts on the Vortex map no matter where they were put.
    Lord of the Undermountain and your friendly neighbourhood giant (Dwarf)
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