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CTD Chaos lord recruitment button

zapanzapan Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 9
Build: 1.9.2

Detailed description: Game freezes when i press the recruit lord on chaos campaign. After, if i click a few times, a pop up box says that it stopped responding and i press terminate.

Reproduction Steps:
- Start new Chaos campaign with kholek;
- Press the lord recruitment button;
- Done.

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
Happens in new campaign, so i guess there is no point in attaching save game. All mods disabled, running game with original launcher, checked integrity of game files.

Thats all, i guess...


  • zapanzapan Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 9
    Well, solved it myself.
    Seems like when you delete mods from the game through launcher, sometimes they dont get deleted and need to be unsubscribed and deleted manually.
    What a great feature.

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