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Fire and Earth unit suggestion.

Dragantis#9204Dragantis#9204 PolandRegistered Users Posts: 793
Hi, hey, hello, I have some suggestion to make a cavalry unit a little more useful and interesting.

First I have suggestion for fire commanders, that make them more useful in early and mid game phase. I suggest to add a “Vanguard” stance option, this stance would be only available when you have only cavalry unit in army and only one fire commander. Vanguard stance would give you bonus to reinforcements zone ( only 1 army with 3 commander) and make both fire commander and army in zone immune to night attack.Whole purpose of this suggestion is to move you army in 4 commanders stacks in early and mid game stages.

My second suggestion is for earth unit to make them more situational and add one more counters to wood units. I suggest to buff earth unit when they are dismounted to make them available and useful in combat vs wood units.
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