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Thinking of buying this new pc

natef9natef9 Registered Users Posts: 2
Hello all. So I will be in the market for a new desktop soon for work and gaming. I love warhammer 2, but the 15 inch laptop isn't cutting it. So been looking around a lot and came across this from sky tech gaming. I have yet to find a bang for you're buck pre built than this. Also I don't have the time for a self built. So here is the link. Let me know what you think and if you have a similar build what you're performance in game has been like. Thanks.



  • SaigodjinSaigodjin Registered Users Posts: 66
    If you can hold out a couple more months, the new GPUs launch and should be significantly better value for money than the 20xx series.
  • natef9natef9 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Really? I haven't looked in to them much yet. I just want to keep the pc price down to less than 1500, because I'm going to get a 32 inch curved 1440p screen also.
  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 3,087
    That system's not much of a deal, you can do much better in sales.

    AMD and Nvidia are both supposed to be releasing new lines here in a few. AMD should at least match the current products, and Nvidia will certainly improve on them. This will, at the least, drive down prices on current generation hardware, allowing you to buy a bigger one even if it's current generation.

    Between a price drop and sale prices, you should be able to get a better GPU, better processor, etc.
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