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Part of army disappeared after winning a battle in Medieval 2 Total War

dencccdenccc Registered Users Posts: 1
I'm playing with the Hungarians. I had an army of around 10 units (2x heavy cav with 2 generals, 3x 40 cav, 2x 20 ballistas etc).
I was fighting the Byzantine empire and I won clearly. I lost a few man but one of them was a general.
After the battle I offered the prisoners (I had a lot: worth 13k) to the Byzantine empire in change for money but they rejected.

After the battle I saw also a part of my army leaving the army on the campaign map and dying.
How/why did this happen? I still have all my units but only 3x 12 cav, only 2x 8 ballistas etc. A part of the army just disappeared?
Can someone explain this?
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