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Ambush Crash of Doom (Cheese and Onion Flavour)

Grom_the_PaunchGrom_the_Paunch Registered Users Posts: 1,893
edited July 29 in Crashes
Hey. It is I. Grom. So I'm going to try logging this crash cos I have a handy save file to replicate it.

*reads requirements*

Yeesh! You want the special ketchup wiv dat?


I have no modified.log file, although I have one wot says "modified". I figure you don't need it.

Latest build, no mods. File integrity up to snuff. Stuff attached.

Right. Wot happened? I got ambushed. Don't laugh. I was mopping up some gits and forgot about the cowards I watched hide in the long grass. Every time I try to fight the battle properly, it crashes my game to desktop. The music stutters twice during the loading screen and the second time is always where it gets real nasty.

I can't autoresolve this one without getting wiped (Ridiculous! - I would've won. Honest.) so fortunately I can go back to an earlier save. No panic on my account. If only I could load an earlier save file of my own life...
Grom comes. Elves quake. Grom comes. Dragons wake.

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