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I am unable to redeem Total War Access free content on my Steam Account.

An explanation on why I am posting this in this forum instead of going through Sega support:
Sega support, to my knowledge, isn't in charge of Total War access, and no info I can find on their site relates to problems related to the Access site, nor can I find any other support networks for Access, since the links provided on the site redirect to Sega support.

I've been trying to download the Gotrek and Felix, 30th anniversary Regiments of Renown, and Catchweb Spidershrine free content, but whenever I attempt to download this content it tells me that the Steam account is connected to another Access account, and will not allow the Steam account to be linked to multiple Access accounts. The problem is that I don't recall ever connecting my current Steam account to a different Access account, and I have no idea how to unlink the two accounts and link my ACTUAL Access account to my Steam Account. I can't check my Steam account to see if anything is linked to it, and I cannot edit nor check anything related on my Total War Access account, so I'm completely at a loss.

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