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Shogun 2 Forgotten Content : Battle of Kawagoe

Cabbini93Cabbini93 Registered Users Posts: 16
Unfortunately, not all content for Shogun 2 was made available on Steam. Historical Battle of Kawagoe was added to the pre-order version of Shogun 2 in GameStop shop in January 2011. It is not available for all players community for this day. If you do not have any plans to add this battle as Dlc , maybe you can release this a free patch? I would be very gratefull.




I know that is a mod which unlock this battle in custom battles but we don't have possibility to chanege battle dificulty and not everyone play the game with mods.

Gamestop said about this case : ,,Since this was a pre-order exclusive item, whether to make it an available item in our stock would be up to the manufacturer ". I thought that if you can't release this content, maybe Gamestop can in they store. Can you do something about it? I will be very grateful.

It looks like this content is nobody's now.

Best Regards

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1269172951 Kawagoe Mod

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