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How to destroy a faction with scripting? [solved, plsease close]

MahDogMahDog Registered Users Posts: 28
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Playing as Chaos I can't destroy the last Reikland settlement due to a bug. I can't attack or do anything else on the city or its garrisoned army and can't assassinate the 2 heroes near there. There is also a single lv40 lord near the heroes and the settlement but he doesn't have a banner over him.
I tried using the Begone Colonel mod but it doesn't work, so maybe a can solve by myself.
Is it possible to make a simple script that destroys Reikland without learning the whole Lua programming language? I don't know much about modding, I just want to solve this problem.

Edit: Solved, If anyone has a similar problem, I used this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2094338970
Let the galaxy burn
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