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Question about Memnon

luiscal2012luiscal2012 Registered Users Posts: 29
As it has been discussed in another discussions, Memnon sounds like one of the main candidates for future inclusions if there are more DLCs after the Ajax and Diomedes one.

Memnon is the king of Ethiopia in the Illiad. I know that Ethiopia is not the actual Ethiopia (although I am not sure where the Illiad Ethiopia is located right now), but what I am not sure about is if the Illiad says something about how Memnon's army looked like. I mean, another candidate is Rhesus, king of Thrace, but I can imagine how his army could look like and how it would be different for the other Trojan factions.

But I am very unsure about how the Memnon army looks like. Does the Illiad provides any kind of reference? If not, and they have to turn imaginative (like with the Amazons), how do you think his faction would look like?


  • RafSwi7RafSwi7 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,429
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    Memnon appeared in Aethiopis (he has small mention on Odyssey), which was one of poems that were part of so called Epic Cycle. Unlike Iliad or Odyssey (other poems from that collection), Aethiopis is a lost poem and only small fragments (and ancient summaries of it) have survived.

    Homer mentions Aethiopians but says only that they can be found on both extremities of the world.

    Here are some interpretations of the world according to Homer:

    In general, later classic Greek or Roman writers believed that Memnon has arrived from Aethiopia as a land south of Egypt.

    IMHO Memnon can appear as a horde faction (like Penthesilea) and his factions should be Aethiopian/Libyan/Nubian based.

    Other alternative might be to base him on some Sea Peoples migrating tribe. Some ancient historians theorized that Memnon was a pharaon of Egypt, so in such way Egyptians could appear as some expeditionary force.

    Examples of Bronze Age Libyans and Nubians:

    Also, some artistic renditions of Memnon:

    GC: Ardiaei, Arevaci, Athens, Baktria, Carthage, Cimmeria, Egypt, Epirus, Iceni, Kush, Lusitani, Macedon, Masaesyli, Massagetae, Massalia, Nabatea, Nervii, Odrysian Kingdom, Parthia, Pergamon, Rome, Royal Scythia, Saba, Seleucid, Sparta, Suebi, Syracuse.
    CiG: Arverni, Rome, Suebi.
    HatG: Arevaci, Carthage, Rome, Syracuse.
    IA: Antony's Rome, Dacia, Egypt, Marcomanni, Octavian's Rome, Parthia, Pompey's Rome.
    WoS: Athenai, Boiotian League, Korinthos, Sparta.
    ED: Armenia, Caledonii, Gallic Rome, Marcomanni, Palmyra, Rome, Saxoni, The Sassanids.
    RotR: Rome, Samnites, Senones, Syracuse, Taras, Tarchuna.
    GC: Alans, Anteans, Eastern Roman Empire, Franks, Geats, Himyar, Jutes, Ostrogoths, Saxons, Venedians.
    TLR: Roman Expedition, Visigothic Kingdom.
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    W2 - V: Eltharion, Lokhir Fellheart, Markus Wulfhart, Repanse de Lyonesse, Settra the Imperishable.
    MOH: Liu Chong, Liu Hong, Lu Zhi, Zhang Bao.
    ROTW: Dong Zhuo, Gongsun Zan, He Yi, Liu Bei, Ma Teng, Sun Jian, Yuan Shao.
    AWB: Cao Cao, Liu Biao, Lü Bu, Sun Ce, Yan Baihu.
    EP: Sima Ai, Sima Yong, Sima Yue.
  • luiscal2012luiscal2012 Registered Users Posts: 29
    Thanks a lot! This definitely helped me to have an image both for Memnon and for the Aethiopians. They would definitely look very different to what we have seen so far, and with the location of their country, they should definitely be an horde, especially now that we know that Penthesilea will be an horde too.
  • Galvinized_IronGalvinized_Iron Registered Users Posts: 842
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    RafSwi7 said:

    Examples of Bronze Age Libyans and Nubians:

    The ones winning are Sea People
  • IelloIello Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 477
    You know -- Memnon might also be a good way to get some Bronze Age Egyptian style units too. Nubia is the next door neighbor to Egypt and Memnon would be a good candidate to bring over different types of warriors with him.

    Sarpedon also has something of a more international unit flavor too because of his whole trade deal.
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