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Two Major AWB MP Campaign Bugs

SoupDauggSoupDaugg Registered Users Posts: 2
edited August 2020 in Multiplayer Bugs
1. Lu Bu's Greatest Warrior mechanics do not trigger upon defeating an enemy if you play the battle, but do if you autoresolve.
2. No missions trigger for either player when in a MP campaign, this makes playing Lu Bu or Sun Ce almost impossible.

Both of these issues can be replicated by starting a new campaign and should not require an in-progress savegame, any new MP campaign started with Lu Bu in the AWB start will have this issue.

EDIT: Added three save files in a .7z file. The quicksave is before Lu Bu manually fights the battle, and two manual saves showing Lu Bu not getting the greatest warrior marked as completed, and a save from both players showing no missions.

Build 1.5.3 14293.1989218
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