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Leaders of men diplomacy has no effect

SubatomicMonkSubatomicMonk Registered Users Posts: 6
Build Number: 1.9.2

Detailed description of your issue:

The Bretonnian technology "Leaders of men diplomacy" has no effect. It should add +30 relations with Empire and Southern realms. However, there is no additional relations bonus due to "technology" in the attitude explanation pop-up for Reikland, Nordland, and Estalia.

Reproduction steps:

Research The Bretonnian technology "Leaders of men diplomacy". Check the breakdown of Reikland's attitude towards you.


  • frolof1frolof1 Registered Users Posts: 411
    It does work. check for Karl Franz "Rulers prejudice -14". You're definently having something that adds a lot of prejudice between the two.

    Check the other factions as well. +30 tolerance. It works 100%.
  • SubatomicMonkSubatomicMonk Registered Users Posts: 6
    Thanks for the response. I guess it is implicit? Where other technologies are explicitly stated in the breakdown. Seems odd, but I'll take your word for it.

    In the photo below you can see the additional relations explicitly in the breakdown from the "foreign diplomacy" technology.

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