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Grom Phoenix Claw bug

DarkRonnieDarkRonnie Registered Users Posts: 1
So i just finished a successful Waaargh! againt Tyrion in Grom's campaign, and yet for some reason i didnt receive the Phoenix Claw cooking ingredient

Something to look into i think


  • ForeverMorbidForeverMorbid Registered Users Posts: 30
    Same thing happened to me this week. Says against any Elf faction. I've Conquered Ulthuan and haven't gotten it. Also the +5 Reputation ingredient doesn't seem to give anything to Reputation since last update. Worked fine when Grom was released. Did you find this too? I have quite a few mods on but even turning most of them off i didnt seem to get any Rep bonus
  • ahpoahpo Registered Users Posts: 1
    hi, is there an update on this issue?

    i tried for 100 plus turns to change the trophy to another faction type, e.g. lizard, then go back to elve again and the phoenix claw still doesnt appear.

    I also realised the hag seems stuck as she only sells me boar meat even though she is in the elves island region ( i assume her appearance in different area would give different ingredients).
  • LordGagaLordGaga Registered Users Posts: 7
    Confirmed and I am running into the ahpo's issues re: boar meat.

    Multiple trophies collected from HE and WE and the ingredient still doesn't register. Weirdly, I was able to get the ingredient pretty easily on the Vortex campaign, sometime within the first 50 turns.
  • LordGagaLordGaga Registered Users Posts: 7
    For context, the WAAGH target in the Vortex campaign were the Bowmen of Oreon.
  • WakkaWakkaWakkaWakka Registered Users Posts: 5
    I had this same issue, can't get the phoenix claws from WAAAGhs against elves and the hag merchant only ever sells the same 2 or 3 ingredients I already have

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