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Army System - Suggestion for Future Games

OttoManBismarckOttoManBismarck Registered Users Posts: 2
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I would like to suggest new army system by exampling these 2 games below:

Hearts of Iron IV : Armies led by generals has a number of units. But there is field marshals that can lead several armies and their skills makes available to lead more armies at once and differ from generals and effect all commanded army troops. Allies or even neutral factions are able to send expeditionary forces to fight alongside with a foreign commander.

M&B Bannerlord : Commanders weapon skills has effect on led formations such as weapon proficiency and charge bonus. Commanders which also leads clans has influence points (or authoritii) which is used to call armies to grand armée. Food is shared between the parties. More and better troops to call means more influence points are going to spend. The more and better troops you gathered means your cohesion goes down in shorter time. End of cohesion means you got to run cause army is dispersed or spend more influence to keep grand armée togather. One more thing, we can edit garrisons we are going to pay.

and of course;
History or Reality : Commanders splited or gathered armies according to their feel of needs. Ceaser is commanding troops can be counted barely equal to 2 legions in game. Allied tribes owed food suply to army. Galia, Belgica, Briton and German tribes were able to gather armies acording to their influence and even they are dispersed sometimes.
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