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I think people will warm to Troy (if CA help)

SeanJeanquoi#3490SeanJeanquoi#3490 Registered Users Posts: 3,439
Troy is a Saga game and CA-Sofia's first official game and I think they've really knocked the presentation out of the park for the most part.

Unlike 3K, Characters actually look like their art in-game, the game boasts some of the prettiest maps we've seen in the series (in terms of combat maps and the campaign itself), 360 sieges are back, the game runs buttery smooth and the combination of fact and fiction, of the TW formula mixed with the iliad storyline is very appealing to me personally.

Where the game falters (from what I've gleaned so far and what I've heard others corroborate) is on the gameplay side of things. Everything is very streamlined and dumbed down and battles are stupidly fast (Total War games in general have been having an issue with this as of late) and there are some issues like the fact that everyone knows everyone virtually from the start, yet the map is covered unless you explore it, so you cant tell who's who or from where (also, many of the Heroes look exactly the same, which compounds this issue). Also, alot of the incredibly interesting cities and locales of the time period like Lycia and Rhodes do not have unique settlements right now, as far as I'm aware.

IMO though, I think these are easy issues to fix overtime...but only if CA supports the game.

I think alot of people are having a viscerally negative reaction to X or Y feature and that the negativity will die down over time if CA listens to the community to iron out the issues and expand the setting.

There's plenty of content that could be added, plenty of more heroes and areas that could be great additions like Ajax and his brother Teucer, who could be a great duo of lords like the Sisters of Twilight for the Wood Elves in Warhammer, or perhaps an expansion of the Sicilian Islands (one semi-secret one exists on the map right now which I love) more unique settlements and an expansion on the sieges to bring it more in-line with prior titles in the series. They could even expand the map to Include Ancient Egypt, the Hittites and other Bronze age factions of the time which are in the area.

And hell, if they lean more on the combination of fact and fiction, of myth and reality with these other factions too? that could make for a really interesting game, despite the limitations of the time.

Ultimately, this is a great setting with alot of potential and I think they mostly nailed the presentation, but there is some work that could be done and with a bit of support, I think it could become a great entry in the series that people will feel bad they didn't pay for.

How are you all finding the game? and what do you think about the "Truth behind the myth" approach they've taken? I'm a little torn myself and I think CA may decide to change it to more historical or more myhtological in the future in response to the community reaction (just like how 3K was originally totally historical, but then they started openly admitting to adding stuff that was 300 years ahead of the period in the DLC).


  • Psycho_V#4329Psycho_V#4329 Registered Users Posts: 536
    So far so good. "Truth behind the myth" was a pleasant surpise actually and is harder to pull off than just going full fantasy.

    The scope of potential content is huge. I'd love to see a full bronze age title that spans the Med to the Levant.

    "Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for THEE!" - (John Donne, 1572 – 1631, Meditation 17)
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