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No Recruitment Points Available as Greenskins

FiercerdeityFiercerdeity Registered Users Posts: 1
Playing as the Bloody Hands, I ended a WAAAGH!!! against the dwarfs and got back to friendly territory to recruit new units, but found I had no recruitment points available with Wurrzag's army. They weren't being filled by another army or anything, just no points to choose from at all!

I tried reloading a save and still, nothing changed. I tried going ahead and seeing if finishing up my province capital upgrade would do anything, but it didn't. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this and/or there's a fix in the works.

Also still has that odd building available icon hovering over already built buildings, mainly with shaman huts and savage orc recruitment buildings.

Build: 1.9.2
Campaign save file attached

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