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Known IssueAchilles is infinitely indignant

StormySpokeStormySpoke Registered Users Posts: 2
edited August 2020 in Campaign and Battle Bugs
Hello guys, I had a major issue with Achilles in the campaign after a dilemma. Idk if I can post a link of reddit but here is the issue :

Fiikus11:"Guys, is this a bug? In my Achilles campaign, after getting a dilemma in which I had to pick the option to make Achilles indignant, he became indignant and has been ever since. On the left-side bar among the faction effects, it shows 9 turns remaining, but it's been like that for a couple of turns. This is a massive deal, because it means having permanent -50 diplomacy penalty.

Additionally, his mood isn't changing, even though he has a priestess in his army, which should make him grieving. I don't think this part is bugged, but the above one really doesn't seem to make sense to me.

Has this haplened to anyone else? Am I just missing a core mechanic in the game here? I am perplexed."

I of course don't put Achilles in a city or whatever that could raise his indignation, so I'm lost cause some solutions are to get rid of Achilles of our armies, but that won't be fun anymore...

Thanks for replies
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