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Shogun 2 Won't Launch From Steam

DangerMouse___DangerMouse___ Registered Users Posts: 1
As per the title. Hit play, it briefly goes to the blue X Stop option then almost immediately goes back to the green Play.
Have tried a bunch of the suggested fixes, at least the ones my technophobe brain can handle but still no joy.


  • ShowgunzillaShowgunzilla Registered Users Posts: 66
    I assume you have an i5 or i7 with 2.6ghz or above, 8 gb ram, gt530 or above.
    I also have this problem when i first installed the game.
    Follow the below methods,
    1) Are you using notebook or desktop? If desktop, check to make sure you have adobe flash, and visual C++ 2008, 2005, and latest with 64 bit and 32bit installed. Then make sure you have the latest video driver update.
    In steam, try verify cache data.

    If you have a notebook, check if you have dual graphic cards installed. (usually intel with nvidia/amd). If yes, make sure you set nvidia/amd to be the main graphic card run (check graphic setting).

    3) make sure you don't have many not necessary program in the background.
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