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Sieges and lord/hero mount health from Troy would fit nice to warhammer series, other suggestions

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Total war: Troy has much less detailed graphics than total war: warhammer 2, many custom battle maps are procedurally generated (or have a few terrain details/the same buildings/cattle everywhere), but 3 features are amazing and would fit perfectly in warhammer series (maybe in total war: warhammer 3). These are siege battles, separate mount health, and ability to choose weather/daytime before the start of custom/mp battle. Cities in Troy look as glorious as castles and fortresses in medieval 2. However, I suppose that it would be impossible to heavily edit/replace all total war: warhammer 1-2 maps. Moreover, huge cities like capitals (e.g. Nagarrornd, Altdorf) are simply too huge in lore, and trying to make them like turkish fort in total war: empire will hurt immersion. Instead, it would be nice to expand playable zone for this maps by 1,5 -2 times from both sides. Attacker will need to march twice distance, and defender have more space, but victory points shall stay in the same places as before for balance – for example, main square of city is victory point, even if it`s closer to gates than castle near the edge of the map. Alternatively, 2-3 victory points – capturing the nearest grants victory after 600 seconds, the middle one – for 400, the one near the edge of defender`s territory – original 200 points. Mountain passes shall remain in Helmagrt/Eagle gate style, but with more playable are, too. However, there is one type of maps not so widespread in total war: warhammer 1-2 – small fortresses and forts. For example, Taal`s horn keep from warhammer: end times vermintide 2 game. It actually has only several towers, river, rocks. This fort don`t need walls, but have natural walls from mountains and up to 4 roads leading to towers cluster. A bit more big forts (generic ones) could benefit from medieval 2/Thrones of Britannia/Troy design choice: have a small city inside walls from all 4 sides or from 2-3 sides, other ones replaced by rocks/deep river etc. I hope 3 different generic forts per race would be enough. Of course, it would require 45-60 maps total (all races from all 3 games can reach 20 and more), but these maps could be adapted from medieval 2/Troy/Thrones of Britannia siege maps. Simply retextured and filled by art objects from regular and unused warhammer 1-2-3 assets. Maybe begins with 1 maps per race and add as free updates after each patch and DLC 1-2 maps of this (small fortress/fort) types. In campaign, those generic forts can be some small cities non-prominent in lore or even small settlements where fortifications were built. For example, expand garrison keep building with ability to improve it up to 3 times – tier 1, 2, 3 of small settlement, tier 3 building replaces the map with the map where settlement is in the middle of the map, and 4 walls/1-3 walls and mountains/forest/river surround it. Towers shall be there as well, maybe a bit less powerful than in the big tier 5 cities, but still durable and strong. Small cities would be easier to implement, but harder to match lore and large scale of most cities in total war: warhammer 1-2. Walls around small settlements would fit better.
The second amazing feature is ability for lord/hero jump off dying mount and fight on foot with full health as foot lord/hero. This means that when mounted (e.g. prince riding star dragon), the health of star dragon is the health of lord unit (only special dragons like Minaitnir, Seraphon shall have health higher by 10-20% than regular rank 9 dragons of respective species), and dragon receives all incoming damage, while lord still can use abilities and give passive bonuses to his/her mount. If dragon dies (can still flee due to low morale), it falls to land, but lord/her survives and slowly recover coordination and jumps off the saddle to ground (all animations take 5-10 seconds). During this animation hero/lord takes double damage (for balance). After that, however, lord/hero is enraged by the death of loyal animal and inflicts double damage to anyone within the same 5-10 seconds (maybe lord need 5 sec to jump off and 10 seconds of rage, hero – 10 sec to jump off and 5 seconds for rage for balance between lord/hero types). After that lord/hero fights until dies/flee. To balance this “double life” mechanic in custom battles/mp, costs shall be rebalanced based per species. For example, regular star dragon mount shall have the same stats and cost as rank 9 star dragon (special dragons – the same 10-20% higher based on their better stats). This cost shall be added to the cost of lord on foot, and combined cost is the sum the costs of lord without mount + the cost of mount, which is equal to the cost feral rank 9 unit of the same species. Some mounts don`t have feral variants or they are smaller/weaker (griffons, pegasus, dark pegasus, stegadosns). In this case, the final cost shall summarize the cost of foot lord and his mount like now with some % higher or lower depending on mount stats. Upkeep in campaign shall stay the same. In campaign, if lord is legendary, mount is considered as wounded during 3-5 turns. Legendary lord can use another mount (which was not chosen before battle) or fight as foot hero until mount recovers. If lord is not legendary, mount dies permanently and new one would require to perform special ritual which costs some gold (for example, payment for the expedition to Caldeor mountains in ordr to awake another dragon, or to Nagarrond mountains to tame black dragon). Player has choice: army of that lord follows him/her or stay and another lord replace the lord who seek new mount. If army follows lord, bot are unavailable during 1 turn (like wounded lord, perish from map and appear near city closest to edges of player`s territory). If lord travel alone, he/she is unavailable for 3 turns like wounded lord. Heroes always move independently and are missing for 2 turns while seek new mount.
The second is ability to choose weather and time of day. Weather system is greatly overhauled in by Mazisky in his/her mods like this one https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2134328093 and more recent official games (3K, Troy). It would be nice to have ability to choose appropriate weather and day/dawn/dusk/night time for each map. This mod could be base
Roaming goats, dogs, cows and horses outside city walls during siege battles would look nice in warhammer world, too.
Finally, if budget allows, during the end of total war: warhammer 3 development cycle naval battles like in tw: empire but with magic, dragons, sea monsters etc. would look great, maybe as the last DLC.
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