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Bug: Agents Won't Disband

clb3820clb3820 Registered Users Posts: 4
Title is a little misleading but, I have a level 21 Priestess gifted to me by Hector after I solved my daddy issues as Paris and Hector had confederated with me.

The issue with this Priestess is, she was given skills for a god I have no interest in appeasing. She was given the skill "In service of Poseidon", locking her out of "In Service of Apollo". Normally this is no problem. I would give her the boot and recruit a Priestess who was of a a lesser level but could ultimately gain the skills I want.

However, this particular priestess was also given the skill "Rejected by Hades" under "Shielded by Olympus". This is making it so every time I disband her, she goes from an active to a "wounded" state and is revived a few turns later and while she is in this state, I am unable to recruit because she counts against my max agent amount, meaning I am stuck with her for the rest of the game.

Now this isn't game breaking, I can live with it, but I can imagine the same logic holds true for Spy's and Envoy's, and you can potentionaly have AI created agents, with skills that don't match your play style given to you.

I would suggest doing something to make the game look at your agent and if they weren't killed, but rather disbanded, don't automatically put them in the position to be auto recruited back, counting against your max agent pop and make them take the normal amount of turns to be ready to be hired back into the field.


Make it so when you confederate someone and you are gifted these agents, their skills are reset so you can distribute them as you see fit. Maybe make it an option to reset, but also incur an penalty and lose some levels. I don't know.

I'm not confederating someone to get their agents, that is a nice bonus. On the same note, I don't want to feel penalised in this way for confederating as well.


  • kularkular Registered Users Posts: 1
    Confirmed this with Envoy's and their "Healthy" skill as well after spending a few turns reloading save files.

    Trying to disband all my level 13/14 Envoy's to recruit again at level 17 and found one kept showing as wounded instead.

    There is even a bug in the agent menu where they will not immediately show up until you click off that menu and then back onto it.

    Hopefully a quick fx can be added next patch to allow a player's request to disband agents to bypass the "immortal" skills.
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