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WD article: The Imperial Steam Tank

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It all began with just wanting to share the Imperial Engineer article.
Somehow I ended up adding the Steam Tank first part. And then I stumbled about the other Steam Tank pages. And I kinda did not want to add more in the first topic, since now it would rather have been more about Steam Tanks instead of the initial Engineer stuff ;) So here we are with a seperate topic just for the Steam Tanks.

Source: White Dwarf (UK) 262 [6th edition]

Source: White Dwarf (UK) 263 [6th edition]

Source: White Dwarf (UK) 264 [6th edition]

History lesson:
4th edition Steam Tank (WD#151) as part of that times armybook.

Grudgebringer fans might remember

In 6th edition he was not even in the armybook. So when GW made a new metal model,

they sparked the above WD articles and set up the full rules of the new tank in WD as well.

In 7th edition (WD#354) the Empire got a new plastic Steam Tank which carried over to 8th edition

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning concept art for a new Arch Lector vehicle?

Supposedly salvaged and repaired Steam Tank in service of The Moot [WD#314 (UK)]

Supposedly salvaged and repaired Steam tank in service of Clan Skyre [WD#245 (AUS)]

-----Red Dox
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