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One on One generals

TJPowneyTJPowney Registered Users Posts: 2
I think TW:Troy has missed a trick... one on one general battles, much like in TW:TK. It could've been made a bigger more focal point, but instead has been made smaller and almost insignificant, why?

As Achilles you get a multitude of individual challengers, 90% have refused to fight and just accept I am better. The one who has accepted a fight, I lose achilles for a number of turns... why? Just for a single notification to say I win again... boring...

It would be nice to have atleast a cinematic... But I would have loved to apply this to army battles. E.g. battle commences, achilles challenges Hector, he accepts, both armies hold, achilles starts trumping hector, hector turns tail and runs, achilles gets angry, armies collide...
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