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A doubt about lore and a kindly request to CA...

DarkersonicDarkersonic Registered Users Posts: 22
I was playing my campaing and i have the doubt how its possible that Hippolyta its alive, as the mith says Heracles in his ninth job steal the belt of hippolita, she searching him for vengeance meets Theseus and fall in love (have a son named Hippolytus), at the end Theseus marry with Fedra and Hippoliyta in vengeance goes to the wedding to murder everyone and gets killed.

Years after his sister Penthesilea, go to the west in search of vengeance with twelve amazon (Not an Horde XD) in her journey goes to the Priam's court to receive the blessing of the king just to find that Troy is under siege and finds her end in hands of achilles outside the walls of Troy.

Now my doubt; how Hippolyta is alive at the time of the Troy war if in the Aeneas lore (Stygian voices) says that heracles and theseus are ancient heroes and mytological beings? (Hmmmm not so ancient its just a Granpa).

She made friends with Muten Roshi at the east and is immortal?? XDDD just a doubt for fun...

I am not complaining, i wanna play with Hippolyta and the amazons, but if Hippolyta and Penthesilea will be added as DLC/FCL for the trojan faction.....

Why not include Heracles as King of his natal Thebes (Boeotia), and Theseus (First King and Founder of Athens) for the Danaan faction... As much they should be Grandpas like Hippolyta, I know that will be at Queue behind Diomedes or Ayax the Great but just saying XDDD.... (Here the Kindly request...)

Sorry for the bad redaction, not fluent at English....


  • Eldrick#6807Eldrick#6807 Registered Users Posts: 872
    If it is deliberate bending of lore it gives some hope for Jason and Heracles to come as a DLC - yes they were a few generations before the Iliad from memory.
  • RafSwi7#7492RafSwi7#7492 Registered Users Posts: 2,826
    There are some ancient traditions where Hippolyta was not killed by Heracles, but was accidentally killed by Penthesilea during the battle or hunt.
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  • General_Hijalti#1213General_Hijalti#1213 Registered Users Posts: 5,970
    Hippolyta was either killed by Hercules, or killed by accident by the Amazon's when attacked him and his men, or went with the Asus but was killed by Amazon's attacking the wedding.

    So yeah she should be dead
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