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can you have more then one army attacking someone

sussricesussrice Registered Users Posts: 1
can you have more then one army attacking someone? if you can can you please tell me how and also how do you call in reinforcements when your in a battle?


  • Zviko0Zviko0 Registered Users Posts: 6
    Yes you can attack with multiple armies, you just have to have them in range. For example if you want to siege with 2 armies you bring one(reinforcing army) near the settlement and attack with the other(main). You will see if the reinforcing army is close enough with the yellow arrow just before you press attack on a settlement/army.
  • DarkersonicDarkersonic Registered Users Posts: 22
    Just move the armies near one from anorher in the previous screen of the battle the armies appears one below the other if you are near a city the garrison will join too.

    You can see the range of the reinforcement with a yellow line that appear before you give the order to moce and attack.
  • coolskillcoolskill Registered Users Posts: 233
    edited August 22
    There's a button on factions that you have a military alliance with. You can click it, and have them target a spot to attack. I don't really understand how it works either. I think you stand near the spot, and they're supposed to attack it?
  • highbinderbanjaxhighbinderbanjax Registered Users Posts: 10
    If an allied (or owned) army is in range of a battle, it will support (and come in as a reinforcment). On the campaign map, the army portrait will switch to a support symbol if it is in range when you move the cursor over the target.
    Note however the max amount of supporting armies appears to be 3 (so you can command 4 armies total in a battle). If there would be more than that eligible to support, it appears the ones closest get selected.
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