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What about this BS is fun, CA?

OenKrad#3617OenKrad#3617 Registered Users Posts: 8
Look at this nonsense:

It's real cool that by turn 20 every time, the entirety of Ulthuan has a hard-on for not screwing with each other and just gunning for you as one huge blob when you play Morathi. I happen to be so lucky that Hexoatl didn't declare war too. Usually everyone surrounding Morathi declares war on her making her one of the most idiotic campaigns to play. She's an awesome LL with all sorts of good stuff about her, but her position and the way the AI behaves is asinine. It's bad enough that the AI can pump out 3-4+ armies of T3+ units with one settlement, but then you add to the fact that they consistently unite against you even if you don't engage first.

First one does it, then they all stack against you because that's how AI is programmed to behave. It's impossible to prevent it because they have such an enormous aversion to you that you can't feasibly ever stop the first domino from falling.

It's also a huge problem because it takes away a lot of the decision making ability from the player. Every single campaign you're forced to fight the High Elves as a whole and either dominate Ulthuan, or deal with their endless BS. It isn't like some of the other LL's such as Hellebron where you have a lot of choice in how to play out a campaign. Morathi's is pretty pigeon-holed.
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    It's doable. I have the same issue with Cylostra. It can suck to have to fight dozens of high elf stacks for dozens of turns while you build up but I don't think it's an explicit issue with a campaign tagged as hard.

    I think it could help if fewer elves had contact with you at the start, and the AI invited other factions less frequently (especially when you don't have contact with the invited faction).
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