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Some recommended mods.

LaindeshLaindesh Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 4,738
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Figured to make a short recommended mods list for those who are interested in trying out mods to spice up\improve the campaign :)

Unique Characters Mod

-Make them Unique
Focusing on quality over quantity. MTU both adds and makes characters unique, with their own ancilliaries.
It also makes it possible to have several wifes.
Its the least intrusive of the Unique character mods.
Focuses on characters already in the game, with a few exeptions.

-Wu Kingdaissance
Quantity over quality. More than 200 characters is changed to reflect historical and Novel information. Many are given ancilliaries and factions have been updated to reflect the generals they had historically (wether its 100% accurate i do not know). They've recently started making unique portraits for famous characters.
Some females is given the concubine class which is better at administrative work than regular generals.
Has several interesting submods including a three kingdoms event mod which tries to emulate the history of the three kingdoms to a certain decree.
More intrusive than MTU, but not to an offending degree

-New General Come
I know very little about this mod. I do know it adds new characters and moves characters around to be in the faction they should be in. It also have an event system to emulate the three kingdoms events to a certain degree. I also know its the most intrusive mod of the 3 with the least information given about what it actually does.
Im posting it here so you're aware of the mod, but i would rather recommend MTU or Wu King. than this one.

-[WDG] We're different general
Adds more face variety to generic generals.
Works with the other Character mods.

-Puzzle Illustrations
Adds unique portraits to a crapton of non random generals.
Requires and only works with: MTU

Faction Unlocker

-All factions playable (+ its submods)
Simply unlocks all factions to play in all chapters.
Downloading the submods will give certain factions actual mechanics (most based on 8P mechanics).
You'll also gain access to gan ning and Lu Bu in the 190 campaign as factions with the 2nd submod.

More Random Minor Factions

-More minor factions (from han empire)
Replaces most of Han Empire with new minor factions after a few turns. Reduces the gobbling up of free territory and with the right mods makes the campaign more challenging and fun, especially in the south.

Spawns 16 factions into the 182 campaign.
Spawns 3-4 factions into the 190 campaign + up to 8 random ones in han territory.

Difficulty Modifiers (and replayability)

-All Factions act as Major ones!
Gives every faction a major personality and sets their faction potential to the same as Cao Cao.
This makes the campaign a lot more random and difficult as even minor factions will stand up and be major threats.
Excellent to make the campaign more challenging.

-All Factions act as Major ones, with randomized potential for everyone!
Same as above, exept it makes the potential of each faction totally random. You wont know who's a massive threat until you've played for a while. Excellent for replayability.

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  • LaindeshLaindesh Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,738
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    Other mods: (too lazy to sort them)

    -Gongsun Zan emerges as a faction in 187
    Pretty obvious what this mod does.

    -Ai Dishonour
    Yup they can become dishonoured now too

    -Character Biographies (+ required mods)
    Awesome mod which adds a nice historical (and part Novel) description of characters from 3K.

    -Marriable character finder.
    A nice mod to much more easily find a spouse.
    Bit clunky to use but better than vanilla.

    -Reset Skills
    Resets skill upon start of campaign i think + when you aquire a new general.

    -Silent Loading
    To shut up the loading screen lady so you don't turn nuts from listening to her all the time.

    -Skip Intro

    -Skip Faction Intro

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  • LaindeshLaindesh Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,738
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