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Der Hobbit | LotR

Aza7hellAza7hell Registered Users Posts: 1
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Warum gibt es eig. keine Pläne zu nem der Hobbit | LotR total war Spiel? Würde voll zum Spiel passen wäre auch nicht schwer zu designen etc. das eig. alles schon von Film, Buch, bald auch Amazon Serie vorgegeben ist. Frage mich das schon seit paar Jahren warum man das nicht macht liegt vielleicht an den Preisen der Rechte aber no **** Sherlock das würde sich sowas von rentieren xD

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Why are there no plans for the Hobbit | LotR total was game? If it would fully fit the game, it would not be difficult to design, etc. everything is already given by film, book, and soon also the Amazon series. I have been wondering for a few years why you don't do that, maybe because of the prices of the rights, but no **** Sherlock that would be worth it xD
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  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,978
    Because that is multiple IPs they'd have to get to make a single game that they'd never make money off it. You'd have to get an agreement with each group, first the rights to the books and then the films and if you want anything used in the Amazon series that's a third agreement needed.

    There has been a lot of discussions on LotR being used in TW. In general not really a good setting for TW. Books really don't focus on the elements that TW does.
  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 12,757
    CA only has to acquire the license for the books.

    That's it. There is another developer which made a new game about LOTR again.
  • virginia1861virginia1861 Registered Users Posts: 297
    Why Lord of the Rings Total war?

    Tolkien carries the largest fantasy fan base of all time only expanded by the movies that could be brought into the total war series. As someone who has not played a total war game since empire, this would get me back into total war. Lord of the Rings is the best selling fantasy book of all time. The Hobbit is the third best fantasy seller. Besides the Bible, LOTR is the third best selling book of all time, the Hobbit is 8th on the all time list.


    The world created by Tolkien would fit perfect for the next fantasy total war game. Lord of the Rings provides what Total war needs.

    - Large fan base already present
    - Multiple diverse factions with both challenges and bonuses for each
    - Hugh map of Middle Earth with diverse terrain and battle maps
    - Large numbers of diverse units and forces for epic battles
    - Large castles for epic siege battles
    - Hero's of legend with special abilities
    -Agents, spies, assassins, diplomats etc
    - Battle over land, sea and air
    - Economy and trade
    -Exspansions and DLC could be done on the first and second ages

    It is not surprising that the most awarded, most downloaded , mod ever made for a total war game is the third age mod.

    it would simply be the "One game to rule them all"

    However there is an irrefutable reason CA needs to make middle earth total war. Tolkien was from England, CA is based in England. Tolkien made LOTR so England could have its own fantasy [like the Norse epics]. Therefore , out of sheer duty and patriotism, CA must know make the video game for England. Or else CA have no right to be called Brits.

    contact Games Workshop let them know you want the game to happen.

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